Welcome to our new website | Emma Go Shoes

Welcome to our new website

This has been a project long in the making. We’ve put a lot of work into it, to make it a great shopping experience for you, wherever in the world you are. On this new website, you can now buy your shoes in your own currency, be it Euros, Dollars, Kroner, Sterling, Swiss Francs and more.

The website is currently only available in English, although our diary entries are also available in French. The rest of our website will be up and running in French before long, and next on our list is Danish! How exciting!

We also can’t wait to update you on our projects, inspirations, thoughts and ideas right here, on Emma’s Diary. We’ll be updating the diary a few times a month with everything from news about Emma Go products, to things that inspire us lately. We hope you’ll follow along!

We can’t wait to start this new exciting journey with you!

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