Mesmerising Metallic Details – EMMA GO SHOES

Mesmerising Metallic Details

We wanted to take a moment to admire the pretty metallic details in Emma Go’s winter shoes.

These shiny details are a perfect way to spice up an otherwise boring outfit. They are also the best means of adding some shine to a grey winter day.

We’ve embraced the colder days by embellishing some of our styles, like Mira and Iben, with metallic rain drops.

One of your forever-favourites, Karen, is back for another season! This year our Old Rose Suede comes with a streak of silver running through it. Karen is also available with glitter details and faux-snake details.


Emma Go’s iconic metallic piping can be found in several of our styles in various different colours. Discover FrejaSherlock and Maja!

Maybe you want to go all-out on the metallic? Then Aya is the style for you!

We firmly believe, that spicing up your outfit, even just with a bit of metallic pink piping on your shoes, can improve the outlook you have for the rest of the day. So why not give it a go?! Find all of the Emma Go shoes with metallic details on our website!