About Us

From our inception in Copenhagen in 2009 EMMA GO has steadily grown a crowd of devoted followers. Our collections are rooted in the Danish design philosophy of quality, modernism and functionality whereas our choice of colours and materials are influenced by cultural experiences, travels and music. 

We do love to make beautiful shoes but we also want you to wear our shoes comfortably and in good conscience. To achieve this we hand make each and every pair near Alicante in Spain. The region has a long tradition for the quality and craftsmanship that we demand and the use of local suppliers and proximity to our main markets also reduces our CO2 footprint. No sweatshops exist and the people making our shoes receive a fair salary and are all proud and experienced craftsmen and women. Our local suppliers also enable us to ascertain that our leathers are chrome free which is not only a relief for the environment but also our clients’ feet.

We have now reached far and wide and you can find EMMA GO in selected stores on every continent except Antarctica. We hope that you will help us go even further so please take a look at our latest collection or sign up to our newsletter below.

 If you want to know more about us please visit our FAQ page where you will also find our contact information.

Østerbrogade 149
DK-2100 København
VAT DK36490489
+45 35 859 859