Never enough glitter, not even in 2020 – EMMA GO SHOES

Never enough glitter, not even in 2020

Even though New Year's Eve might look a bit different this year, we at Emma Go are firm believers that everything is better if you just add a bit of glitter. Here is our New Year's Eve outfit inspiration to wrap up this rather chaotic year. 

New Years Eve 2020 Glitter Outfit Inspiration

1. H&M sequin dress 2. Saisall glitter earrings 3. Beck Sondergaard socks 4. Lé Mosch hairband 5. Sui Ava hairclaw 6. Sui Ava hairclaw 7. Monki glitter trousers 8. Raey Sequin Trousers 9. Emma Go Andrea 10. Emma Go Noelle 11. Emma Go Karen 12. Emma Go Aya 13. Neo Noir dress 14. &Other Stories dress 15. Essie; caught on tape 16. Essie; congrats 17. MAC Lipgloss 18. MAC Shiny Pretty Shadow