Perfectly Pink – EMMA GO SHOES

Perfectly Pink

It shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you that we at Emma Go love pink. Feminine, bright and stylish. Luckily, pink is almost guaranteed to be a part of our collection, whether it's winter or summer! 

These are some of our favourite pink things this spring!

1.Monki Linnen trousers 2., 3., 4. Sui Ava Hair Claws 5. Monki Seersucker Dress 6. Zara Oversize Knit Dress 7. Chimi Eyewear Sunglasses  8. COS Cashmere Slippers 9. &Other Stories Overshirt  10. Moons & Junes, Audre Bra 11. Moons & Junes, Ruth Briefs 12. Essie, You Me & The Sea 13. Nuni Copenhagen Earrings, Nena 14. MAC Lipstick, A Little Tamed 15. Emma Go, Mira 16. Emma Go, Maja 17. Maanesten Scrunchies 18. Emma Go, Iben